About Me

Being a singer/songwriter for many years and having traveled to many different countries, I also learned about many different cultures and customs.

Since I am also a teacher for several subjects, I was able to remain at some of these places longer and so I ended up in Thailand 6 years ago to stay. Here I learned a new way of life – simpler, easier going, not so hectic and I find myself spending a lot of time helping Soi Dogs and unwanted animals.

There are many funny situations happening and sometimes also heartbreaking moments, but they are all worth experiencing and the most funny ones I decided to put down on paper and share, because everyone needs at least one smile per day.

Thank you for letting me put that smile on your face and please leave a comment or/and get in contact with me to let me know, what kind of stories you enjoy.

Have a wonderful day … Namaste šŸ™‚