The Becoming Of A Witch

Of Witches, Glam and Bling Bling Magick

So you have decided to become a witch! You bought some black Gothic clothing, the jewelry to go along with it, and are proudly sporting your new pentagram around your neck. You are now ready to announce to the world, that you are ready to play Harry Potter!

Let’s take this back a step: You are a good girl/boy from a great background and have been raised Christian or straight Catholic. You have looked at the f..cked up world of yours that you live in and decided it is not for you!!!

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Now let me get this straight: You have seen all of the Harry Potter Movies and are an excited and enthused fan of Charmed, you even watched Samantha do her cute nose wrinkle and think you can turn people into toads now by the snap of your finger, just as soon you read that little spell book you bought!

Oh, you feel fantastic and strong and that idiot down the lane, that has been a nuisance to you most of your miserable teenage hood, will be surprised when you turn your wand on him to make him bark like a dog.

Well, sweets, let me tell you something:

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Being a witch is not that simple as you may think. It takes more than wiping that baby snot off your nose as you are becoming a young adult and it takes way more than just a mood of the day because you think being a witch is cool and will get you all kind of stuff you cannot afford otherwise. You do not just look the part, buy a couple of books and think you own the world! Wicca, Haketean, The Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, and all other occult beliefs take their crafts very serious and it takes years to be the witch that you need to be.

Maybe you got this whole witchy thing wrong, Being a witch is not a religion but a lifestyle. It takes saying goodbye to worldly treasures and pleasures, and you being one with nature. It takes learning, teaching, protecting the vulnerable, being a voice for the voiceless, and using your craft for healing and nurturing. It also takes self-discipline, a clean lifestyle, and faith – a hell a lot of faith.

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They say there is a difference between miracles and magick.

The way I see it, there is only one difference. While the good people, that run to church every Sunday and praise the Lord in the highest notes, beg God to solve a problem for them, witches simply ask the Divine (God himself) to give them the strength and support to solve their own problem.

Let’s face it, the bible is a great book of guidance, stories, and resources and as many times, as it has been rewritten by “MAN”, I have learned to read between the lines and take it all with a grain of salt. Now Jesus, a man who was married and had children. (,children%2C%20a%20new%20book%20says.), with that kind of love and incredible faith in his father, the God Almighty, is bound to be able to perform miracles. He walked on water, made the blind see, fed five thousand on only two fish, brought the dead back to life, and healed leprosy among so many other things. The Feeding of the 5,000 is also known as the “miracle of the five loaves and two fishes”; the Gospel of John reports that Jesus used five loaves and two fishes supplied by a boy to feed a multitude.

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You mean to tell me, that witches are considered Evil because we do the same things y’all do in church? The priest swings his myrrh in a huge incense burner while praying in Latin, that people who have never visited any school of higher Education will never understand and have to go by blind faith, that that prayer is legit. I burn incense at my altar. The priest holds a sermon to brainwash people into his opinion, I silently meditate in gratefulness for everything I am allowed to do, learn, and be. The organized church, where people go to worship God, sings, hymns that are in the book and taught. I do too – self written and by myself at my altar and at home, (I was taught, that God’s house is wherever you make it and wherever you worship and pray), praising God and the trinity in the highest of respectful ways.

If you have done your research, you surely came across The Greater and Lesser Key of King Solomon and one of the first sentences in The Greater Key states, that God has many names and God comes in many different shapes and forms. So who is to say that being a witch is wrong when in reality it all boils back down to all beliefs being the same and all religions believing in that one greater Being – GOD.

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I was raised strictly Catholic and got my behind whooped the good old fashioned way many times for my different beliefs even as a child. Being half gypsy comes with certain talents and gifts that I was to understand a lot later in my life.

I have read and read and studied, done my courses, watched every possible educational and research video on “The Arts” and learned all about “Harm Ye None And Do As Ye Will.”

I even learned to respect creatures, that the good Christian will kill in a hot second without thinking about it twice. I have learned, that every living being has its place on Earth and in the Universe. Cockroaches – Oh- My- God.

This may sound weird, but the family sense of a cockroach is greater than that of some humans. A cockroach will pick up her babies and carry them while they are small – all 400+ that she laid eggs of. A male cockroach will take over when the mom needs some rest. Hmm, I know families who do not care about their offspring as much as a damn roach does. Living in Thailand, I have the giant ones here and we respect each other – believe it or not. When you have learned your ties to Nature and the universe, you will understand things you never thought of before in your life. Ah – nature.

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Hubert Reeves

“Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.”

Sounds crazy? No it is not. When I sit in Nature, I listen for the messages, the birds seem to bring, the trees seem to whisper in the wind and the vibes I get. I center and ground and become one with Gaia, our Mother Earth. And then there is that inner calm voice that starts to speak, my inner Divine given to me by the highest Divine, Our Almighty God and father.I have yelled at him in the past, I have told him I hated him, when things did not go my way,I have ignored him and his voice, but came to the conclusion, that he never left me. He let me behave in a bad way, be stubborn, be mad at him and took me through many bad and good lessons – but one thing he never did, no matter how I acted – he never ever left me, even when I left him !!!

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So you, as a Christian want to crucify me for being a witch? Let me tell you something. What have you done today, other than feeling sorry for yourself and be miserable? You look at a glass half empty and are afraid of loss, I look at a glass half full and am happy with what I have. Have you rescued anyone or anything today? I do it daily and do not have to think about it twice. Whether it is the old beggar who is drunk most of the time because he just wants to die. Have you looked into his eyes or taken the time to talk to him? No??? Why not – I thought you were a God-fearing Christian. He had some bad cards dealt with him and is begging for a hand. He smells bad and is dirty, will you help him? No?? Why not??? I do not have to think about it twice, because I will pick him up, clean him up, and help him back on his feet if that is what he wants.

You want to judge us witches? We carry the torches into the dark to find those who need help finding their way back into the light, while you run to your church, praise the Lord and have nothing better to do after church but to gossip, and eyeball that cute chick or dude, that seems to be new to the congregation.

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We are witches – shadow and death walkers, destined to clean up the mess, the so-called God Fearing world creates. Do I love my trinity? You bet I do. Am I God-fearing? You bet I am. I tell you what I am not.

I am not one of those church running, two-faced individuals who pretend to love thy neighbor, but talks shit about them. I am not a person who closes her eyes to the misery of others, I will help them solve their problems. I am not selfish, nor a two-faced woman who changes her opinion with the wind and as the world turns.

This is what I am: I am a teacher and yes, I teach the poor for free, I am an animal rescuer, who will make sure her animals eat before I do, I am also proud to have the talents I have and will put them to use for the less fortunate, I am God-Fearing and loving and will extend my hand to the ones down. Don’t you ever let me catch you putting a hand on those down unless you plan on helping them up?

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I am not interested in worldly pleasures and said goodbye to luxury long time ago to do what I am destined to do: Be the best witch that I can be, a lightworker who works in the dark, a teacher, a guide, a helping hand to all who need it, a voice for the voiceless and a protector, as well as a warrior.

This is my destiny and I thank God for the rocky road that I had to walk throughout my life because I would not be who I am today.

So you think you are ready for all this?

If you want to be a glamour bling witch, you are just a blender and pretender, but if you are serious about being a witch, this is your path and demeanor. The decision is yours. Do you just want to be cool or take it to the realm? You have a lot to think about, but whatever your decision may be, all witches will appreciate your sincerity and embrace you whether you want to join a coven or be free-flying, solitary, and eclectic. YOU have to decide which way to go. It won’t be easy, but the rewards are great, only if you are for real and sincere. Turning Tommy next door into a toad or frog is unrealistic, even though it is a nice thought.

Blessed Be, my sisters and Brothers and May the Divine, our God the Almighty show you the path you need to take.

And How was Your day?

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  1. Claudia, I’ve enjoyed reading this. The questions you pose are just at the right note, tone and encourage the reader to look at themselves.


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