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Welcome To My Blog – And How Your day – Where you can read about life’s happenings and little mishaps. If your day looks bad, read one of these little stories to put a smile back on your face. Have a very blessed day 🙂 The Whispering Witch

Of God-Fearing Witches & Pagans

Posted byClaudiaUlm-TheWhisperingWitchTHSeptember 20, 2020Leave a commenton Of God-Fearing Witches And PagansEditOf God-Fearing Witches And Pagans Not your typical blog about Witchcraft What The Hell Is A Witch And What Is a Pagan?What Is The difference anyway?Are Witches Pagans And Pagans Witches?And If You Are A Witch, Are You Good Or Evil?How Do I know You Will Not…

The Becoming Of A Witch

-Of Witches, Glam and Bling Bling Magick- So you have decided to become a witch! You bought some black Gothic clothing, the jewelry to go along with it, and are proudly sporting your new pentagram around your neck. You are now ready to announce to the world, that you are ready to play Harry Potter!…

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